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18 months is a long time for any missionary to be away from friends and family. Sierra - and any other missionary in YOUR life - would love to hear from you from time to time. Letters, packages, or whatever else intended for Sierra may be sent to the Florida Jacksonville Mission office which will get the parcels safely into her hands

Sister Sierra Heller

Florida Jacksonville Mission

8663 Baypine Rd # 102

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Has it Been Almost Three Weeks Already??? Leaving the MTC REAL Soon!

We exchanged a handful of emails with Sierra on her last Friday "P" day.  from her tone, she sounds excited and confident.  She recently requested that we send her a white handkerchief so she's planning on participating in the dedication of the nearby Provo City Center Temple on the 20th on March. 
Provo's Exclusive Fine Dining; Invitation Only!
Clearly, all the missionaries in the MTC are there first and foremost to learn, but they're still encouraged to take care of their health and fitness.  One of Sierra's cousins warned her of the MTC cafeteria and how easy it was to go back for seconds (and thirds!), and how she put on 10 pounds in the MTC.  We haven't had any weight reports from Sierra (not really something we'd expect any way), but she has earned the nickname Rabbit since she's nibbling on carrots throughout the day.  Sierra has also said she plays a basketball game called "Bump", volley ball and Four-Square. Sierra claims her basketball skills have improved vastly over the past few weeks.

"Some of our feet that we thought
looked cool--break from studying"

"Sister Helm (blonde), Sister Dahle, and I today!"
Missionaries are free to receive and send letters whenever, and can send and receive email on their "P" day, but phone calls are limited to Mother's Day, Christmas and from the departing airport.  Of the four opportunities Sierra will have to call home, the first opportunity will be this Tuesday.  We were concerned that Sierra's phone time would occur during our work and school hours when we might have difficulty getting to a phone.  We were excited to learn that she expects to be at the airport sometime between 4 and 7 AM.  Painfully early maybe, but we'll all be home and free to chat.

"Elder Holmstead being all cool with
his balloon bud"

Add your own caption here  :)

Sierra's bike and bike accessories should be in Florida just in time for Sierra's arrival.  The Mission secretary has assured me that there are always some Elders with the mechanical know-how to reassemble her bike after being shipped to Florida.  By Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday) evening, she will be settling into her first mission apartment and preparing to start her mission on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.

From Sierra:

It's so hard to figure out what to say in these emails, it seems like so much time has passed and yet it's only been a week! Our district will be leaving this Tuesday for our different missions so it's been really hard coming to that realization. I am seriously going to miss these Elders and Sisters more than my family-sorry family!!!!! Oh, for real!!! I am so broken up about having to leave them! We've already made plans for after mission get togethers, so that's reassuring. 

We've been really focusing on how to teach to what people need. This Gospel offers them everything they ever needed and we get to be there to invite them and to help them understand the truth of what they're learning and feeling. 

So, about the miracles this week!!! Sister Dahle was almost certain that she had a cyst on her ovaries (she's had them before and knew the feeling), she was feeling so bad. She asked Elder Holmstead for a blessing of healing and all the Elders were able to participate. The effects were almost immediate. It still hurt but she was able to feel like she was healing and she's continually doing better. Sister Helm was also able to experience a miracle!!!! So Sunday night while she was praying, she kept getting the feeling that she needed to pray for her dad's health and helping him recover-it was really strange but she followed the feeling. The next day, we were all called down to the Secretary's office here where Sister Helm found out that her dad had had a mini heart attack ( mini but very strong). He was recovering and she was able to even speak with them and the rest of her family. Her dad told her that at the exact same time that she was getting the feeling that she needed to pray for him, he was having his heart attack. Generally when heart attacks are that strong

there is no chest pain associated with it. He told Sister Helm that the reason that he's still alive was because he felt those chest pains and he knows that he was blessed as such because Sister Helm is serving a mission currently. I also was able to experience a miracle today. I was just wondering why God had trusted me and wanted me to serve a mission. I randomly flipped the Book of Mormon open and the first verses that I read were exactly what I needed! I think it was Alma 13:3-4. It said,

"...thus called and prepared from the foundation of the world according to the foreknowledge of God, on account of their exceeding faith and good works; in the first place being left to choose good or evil; therefore they having chosen good, and exercising exceedingly great faith, are called with a holy calling, yea, with that holy calling which was prepared with, and according to, a preparatory redemption for such. And thus they have been called to this holy calling on account of their faith.."

I truly felt like God knew exactly what I needed and He helped His Daughter (me!). We were also able to go to the Temple today which was much needed!

We welcomed in some new missionaries this Wednesday so our zone has grown so much!! It's really neat to see how many people have felt the Call to Serve!!!!!

We've been blessed to have great teachers which help us role play a ton and share their knowledge and wisdom with us! Sister Spence and Brother Bettilyon are the best! Their testimonies of our Savior are so strong and they bring  a secondary peace in addition to the Gospel. 

I want to let you all know that the Gospel is true and Jesus Christ is the only way to find true happiness and peace. Blessings come as you follow what is true and especially if you are exactly obedient!! Fasting and prayer work miracles as well--we were able to fast for Sister Helm's dad on Tuesday and his doctors are amazed at how fast he is recovering--he is seriously going to work tomorrow! I love this Gospel and I love how families can be together forever and that we can come to know our Savior throughout this life and meet him in the one to come!

Sister Heller

"Big pic of map and where I'm going"
Three weeks and already life-long friends

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