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18 months is a long time for any missionary to be away from friends and family. Sierra - and any other missionary in YOUR life - would love to hear from you from time to time. Letters, packages, or whatever else intended for Sierra may be sent to the Florida Jacksonville Mission office which will get the parcels safely into her hands

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Dinosaurs, Sharks, and Gorillas 
(and lots of other things)

Another week just flew by and Sierra had another P-Day today affording her some email time.  She shared a few minor logistic needs with her family, but her email mostly consisted of her message to all of her friends, neighbors, wardies, etc. Sierra is at about the half way point of her short visit to the MTC.  In about 1 1/2 weeks, she'll head to the Salt Lake International Airport to head east.  In another week we hope to hear more specifics.  

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From Sierra on March 11th:

Dinosaurs, Sharks, and Gorillas (and lots of other things)

This week seemed super short but the days seem so long!! We are still learning a ton and we are teaching almost every couple of hours if not more! 

So, Sister Powell decided for her health that she should go home (she was super depressed and it just wasn't healthy for her to be here). That means that Sister Helm, Sister Dahle, and I are in a Trio-so it's been almost like the first day when we're all getting to know one another. I seriously love Sister Helm-she's so cute and is like a mama/sister bear and is just amazingly strong! Her family seems amazing too!!

Like the subject line says, this week was filled with dinos, sharks, gorillas, the Spirit, teaching, and so many other things!!
I LOVE DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!! Therefore, we do have many very interesting conversations involving dinosaurs and sharks-which is super random but our district is just so nice and easy to get along with. We've all bonded a lot as we've basically been spending 15 hours a day together, every single day. WHICH IS SO MUCH FUN!! seriously. for true. :) 

We were able to welcome new missionaries into our zone this past wednesday, which was such a fun experience! They're interesting people and we're still getting to know them but it's been good to break up almost constant studying (which is good, it was just nice to have something else to do too).

In our teaching we've been able to feel so close to the Spirit and feel God's love for the people we have had the opportunity to teach. One of the girls we've been teaching is Taylor. I actually know her cousin so it was so good for me to realize that these people actually have lives!!!! Which seems strange but it's something I needed to realize.

We got to go to the temple today which was so great! I love going to the Temple! It feels nice to relax and enjoy!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Thanks for all the emails and nice things you say! It's nice to hear about your lives!

Sister Heller

p.s. sorry for all the exclamation marks, I just get super excited!!!!

Sister Heller

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  1. I'm really glad to see Sierra accepting a mission. The people of Florida are really lucky to be receiving this missionary!