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Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Blog-Keeper has been asleep for a while..... April 2016 recap

APRIL 2016

Sierra was still settling into being a new missionary in her first assigned area, Waycross, Georgia.  By early April she'd been in Waycross just a short time and was still adjusting to the newness of it all and trying to get her feel for Waycross.

From Sierra:

It was so nice to hear from all of you in the emails today and it was so fun to be able to email all of you last week and now today! 

I had my first little homesickness moment this morning when I was able to read a letter from G'ma that arrived a couple of days ago (I actually can't open anything until Mondays until I've been here either 3 or 6 weeks). But I think I can handle it! 

Conference truly was amazing! We watched a few sessions at the church which had an entirely different feel than watching in member's homes though that was good too. The home where she sent you the picture was at the Bennett's (one of the many). L B was the one who sent the picture to you. She actually served her mission in Utah from Bountiful to Tooele. They also gave us dinner which was belgian waffles! 

We had our first tornado watch(and it sounds like you already knew about it!) We had so many people calling/texting us about it so we were able to go to a member's home where we were going to be having dinner with anyway and provided service. Then later that night President Craig actually called and just told us that things would probably be good but gave us some good suggestions as to where to be in the house if things did get rough. Sister Hansen was super excited, she wanted more than a watch--she wanted a warning! She also wants to experience a hurricane so keep in mind she may be praying for that to occur. 

I saw my first dead run over snake! Eeek!!! And apparently with so much rain filling some of the "gutters" here, there are lots of snakes that camp out near or in them and we've already been warned away from some of the collections of water.  

I also got a crochet hook today and we are going to be doing service with Sister D (she's a less active member). She is older and enjoys talking and her son Brother D has some kind of disability so we'll be doing some yard work, talking to her, and learning to crochet! Sister Hansen is already beginning to crochet but wants to improve her skill set! It'll be so much fun hopefully! 

I also got to see K B in the (Mormon Tabernacle) choir which means you probably did too!!! How neat!!!! I didn't get a picture soon enough though! 



another cool wall we wanted to take a picture at

another cool wall we wanted to take a picture at

Last pday we just kind of went places and took
 pictures at cool places. This street has over
 13 attorney offices all down it. We thought it
was so funny so we took a picture at one of them.

waffles at the Bennett's 
Love to hear from y'all!!

My companion (Sister Hansen) and I with one of the many trains of Waycross

My model pic (on accident, because I didn't know she was taking the pic)
from last Monday from the coolest wall in Georgia

One of the men we just met just had all these chairs he
makes just for fun outside on his lawn, he had even more outside of the picture!!

Welcome to Waycross

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