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18 months is a long time for any missionary to be away from friends and family. Sierra - and any other missionary in YOUR life - would love to hear from you from time to time. Letters, packages, or whatever else intended for Sierra may be sent to the Florida Jacksonville Mission office which will get the parcels safely into her hands

Sister Sierra Heller

Florida Jacksonville Mission

8663 Baypine Rd # 102

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Sunday, September 11, 2016

... Back from vacation

In early April, Sierra's emails were directed toward our family rather than to everybody as usual. After her whirlwind three weeks in the MTC and all the adjustments of flying to Florida and then heading to Waycross, Georgia, everything started to catch up to her and she really began to feel down and homesick.  We were able to exchange a few words of encouragement, she received a real nice blessing (parts of which she shared with her family), and she spent some time talking to the Mission President's wife, Sister Craig.  When we heard from her again, she sounded a bit more upbeat and was more emotionally involved in the mission field.

Waiting for adventure and sunshine

A ward member was able to put together her bike after having it shipped from Utah. So far the bike has sat unused and clean in their apartment, but that's due to change. Sierra's mission is considered to be a "car mission", but they're still limited to 1000 miles per month.  If a 1000 miles doesn't cover their needs, they're supposed to bike the difference.  That will take some trip planning on their part, and some awareness of upcoming weather.    

Ready to go forth.

Sierra continues to meet, teach and serve non-members, investigators and members in

the Waycross area

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